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LIVE NOW! – Every channel is live 24/7….

MENU of channels (if it isn’t in BLUE and you can’t click through that means the channel is coming soon). We will be up and running with Interact Radio very soon – in the meantime enjoy some Rock Radio from our subsidiary Pocket Kid Records.

  • The Eclectic Channels
  • The Rock Channels – Just plain old rock!
  • Baby Boomer Channels -When boomers were kids, radio didn’t make a distinction between Rock and Pop – rock and pop were all played on the same channel – the Four Seasons, The Beatles and The Supremes all competed against each other for ratings and air time. The big cities had three stations – pop, country and soul. (Of course there was Jazz and Classical but what kid paid attention to that!) Now there are channels for pop, pop rock, alt rock, electro pop, country, country rock, disco, disco pop, disco soul, dance…you name it….on and on…. but here we have three Boomer Channels – just like they were:
    • Boomer Classic Pop/Rock
    • Boomer Classic Country
    • Boomer Classic Soul/R&B
  • Country Channel
  • Classical Channel
  • Jazz Channel
  • Pop Channel
  • Rap Channel
  • R & B Chanel
  • Hip Hop Channel
  • Electro/Dance Channel
  • World Music Channels – For all our ethnic American friends who miss their home music (and curious Americans of other ethnicities) we bring you:
    • Euro Mix Channel – Hits from UK, Germany, France, and Spain.
    • French Music Channel – Hits from France along with news, weather, sports and more in French.
    • Spanish Music Channel – Hits from Spain
    • German Music Channel – Hits from Germany
    • Latino Music Channel – Latin Hits (US/South America)
    • UK Music Channel – Hits from the UK
  • Pocket Kid Radio – That’s right our subsidiary, Pocket Kid Records has some channels too. So check out Pocket Kid Radio
    • Main Channel – A mixture of old and new Rock – same player as above but click here to see more info on what’s playing etc.
    • Classic Rock Channel – Just the best of the best 24/7
    • Baby Boomer Classic Rock Channel – Remember when Elvis, The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons were considered rock? Baby Boomer Classic Rock includes some 50s and 60s classics…
    • Pop Rock – Like more of pop-rock? Then this is your channel with the best of pop rock – 24/7
    • Eclectic Rock Channel – Like all kinds of Rock? Alternative, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Country Rock and just plain old Rock – this is your station! 24/7
    • Contemporary Rock Channel – Don’t like that old stuff? This is the channel for you! 24/7
    • Dead Sara Channel – Listen to Dead Sara and Dead Sara’s personal picks 24/7.
  • The Talk Channel – That’s right we are going to talk to you too. You know, news, weather, feature stories, even call in shows so we can interact with you, live!
  • Public Access Radio Channel – Have something you want to say? Music you want others to hear? Want to host your own radio show? Your own Channel> Here is where you say and do it. Contact us for more details.
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